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Sheep - Ram - Black Faced (Mojo)

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The Mojo Black Faced Ram figure showcases a robust and muscular build, typical of rams, with a broad chest and sturdy legs. The coat is textured to represent the thick, woolly fleece, depicted in a natural-looking color that contrasts sharply with the jet-black face and brown horns.

The ram’s face is marked by prominent, curved horns that spiral gracefully, reflecting the strength and majesty of this animal. 

The Mojo Black Faced Ram figure measures 4" long by 2.7" tall.

Black-faced rams are a prominent and easily recognizable breed within the sheep family. One of the most well-known black-faced breeds is the Scottish Blackface, known for its resilience and adaptability to harsh environments. These rams are particularly noted for their distinctive appearance, characterized by a black face and legs, which sharply contrast with their woolly white or off-white bodies. This striking coloration is a defining trait and helps in identifying the breed easily.

Rams, or male sheep, play a crucial role in sheep breeding and livestock management. They are typically larger and more muscular than ewes (female sheep) and are distinguished by their prominent, curved horns. These horns are not just ornamental; they are used in establishing dominance and defending against predators or rival rams. The horns of black-faced rams are particularly notable for their size and the graceful spiral shape, which can make them quite imposing.

Part of the Farmland Series by Mojo.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: MOJO-387081

Mojo 387081

by Mojo

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Sheep - Ram - Black Faced (Mojo)
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Mojo Farmland - Black Faced Ram #387081

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