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Sheep - Ram (Mojo)

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The Mojo Ram figure is depicted with a strong, muscular build, characteristic of a mature male sheep. The figure showcases the distinct curved horns, which are sculpted to reflect the typical spiral pattern of a ram's horns.

The coat is textured to mimic the natural fur, with subtle color variations that accurately represent the ram's seasonal changes in appearance. The body posture is dynamic, with the head held high and ears alert, suggesting a vigilant and aware animal. 

The Mojo Farmland Ram figure measures 3.75" long by 3" tall.

Colors may vary slightly.

The ram, a mature male sheep, is a symbol of strength and vitality in the animal kingdom. Rams are renowned for their robust physiques and distinctive spiral horns. These horns are not merely for show; they play a crucial role in the social dynamics of sheep herds. During the breeding season, rams engage in headbutting contests to establish dominance and win mating rights. The size and complexity of a ram's horns often indicate its age, health, and social status within the herd.

Rams, like all sheep, are herbivores and have a diet that primarily consists of grasses, herbs, and other vegetation. Their grazing habits are essential for maintaining pasture health and promoting biodiversity. Sheep have a specialized stomach with multiple compartments that allow them to efficiently break down tough plant materials. This digestive efficiency enables them to thrive in a variety of environments, from lush grasslands to more arid regions.

Part of the Farmland Series by Mojo.

Suitable for Ages 3 and Up.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: MOJO-387097

Mojo 387097

by Mojo

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Sheep - Ram (Mojo)
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Mojo Farmland - Ram #387097

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