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Alligator with Articulated Jaw (Mojo)Zoom

Alligator with Articulated Jaw (Mojo)

Item# MOJO-387168
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The Mojo Alligator has a moveable Jaw!

Mojo Alligator measures approximately 8 L x 1.4 H inches.

Mojo Alligator #387168 Review:
This is a very strong alligator model by Mojo. This is the largest of the alligator figures currently available. The Mojo Alligator has a moveable (lower) jaw. This figure is the brownest of all the Alligators so if you are looking for a brown alligator, this is your best choice. This is a good looking figure and would make a great addition to your collection.

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Alligator Facts:
The name Alligator can be roughly translated into “the lizard.” The average adult Alligator length is 13 feet and over 750 lbs. but the largest alligator ever captured was almost 16 feet long and weighed over 1,000 lbs. The oldest known alligator lived to be over 80 years old.

Alligators are native only to Mexico, China, and the United States. American alligators are found in the southeast United States. Louisiana has the largest alligator population. The majority of American alligators live in Florida and Louisiana, with over a million alligators in each state. Southern Florida is the only place where both alligators and crocodiles live side by side.

Young alligators eat fish, insects, snails, crustaceans, and worms. As they mature, larger prey is taken, including fish and various mammals: muskrat, birds, deer, and other reptiles. Their stomachs also often contain gizzard stones which help digestion. Human attacks are rare but do occur. Alligators, unlike the large crocodiles, do not immediately regard a human as prey, but may still attack in self-defense if provoked.

An alligator is capable of short bursts of speed, especially in very short lunges. Alligators' main prey are smaller animals they can kill and eat with a single bite. They may kill larger prey by grabbing it and dragging it into the water to drown. Alligators consume food that cannot be eaten in one bite by allowing it to rot or by biting and then performing a "death roll", spinning or convulsing wildly until bite-sized chunks are torn off.

The muscles that close the Alligator’s jaws are powerful, but the muscles for opening their jaws are weak. As a result, an adult human can hold an alligator's jaws shut bare-handed.

Part of the Wildlife Series by Mojo.
The art work and detail are beautiful on this hand painted figure.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: MOJO-387168

Mojo 387168

by Mojo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Mojo Wildlife - Alligator with Articulated Jaw #387168

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