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Owl - Snowy (Papo)

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Owl - Snowy (Papo)
Owl - Snowy (Papo)
Owl - Snowy (Papo)
Owl - Snowy (Papo)
Owl - Snowy (Papo)
Owl - Snowy (Papo)
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This figure sits at peacefully at rest, betraying the fact that it is a majestic hunter. Any small animals are in danger with this predator around.

The Papo Snowy Owl #50167 stands: 2.5" T.

Papo Snowy Owl #50167 Review:

The all-white face of this majestic bird is perfectly contrasted by the piercing yellow eyes and the dark black beak. With intricate brown feather details on its white body, this figurine is a virtually a piece of wildlife art.

The meticulously sculpted brown feather accents that give it a lifelike texture. The figure rests gently on its white feet with black talons.

Snowy Owl Information:

The snowy owl, also known as the Arctic owl, is a majestic bird of prey that inhabits the Arctic regions of North America and Eurasia. It is one of the largest owl species, with a wingspan that can reach up to five feet, and a distinctive white plumage that helps it blend into its snowy surroundings.

Snowy owls are powerful hunters, preying on a variety of small mammals such as lemmings, voles, and rabbits, as well as birds and fish. They have keen eyesight and hearing, and their silent flight makes them excellent at stalking and capturing their prey.

These birds are also known for their unique breeding habits. They typically mate for life and return to the same breeding grounds year after year, where the female lays her eggs in a shallow depression on the ground. Snowy owl chicks are born covered in down feathers and rely on their parents for food and protection until they are able to hunt on their own.

Part of the Wild Bird Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 50167

by Papo

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Owl - Snowy (Papo)
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Papo Snowy Owl #50167

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