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Ceratosaurus - Scavenger Blue (Nanmu)Zoom

Ceratosaurus - Scavenger Blue (Nanmu)

Item# NANMU-171094
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Nanmu has a great model here with the Ceratosaurus, Scavenger. Appearing to be on the prowl. Red horns crown their head.

Nanmu Scavenger Blue measures: 13.5" L x 6.25" H.

Nanmu Scavenger Blue Review:

I love this little ceratosaurus on the hunt. Especially his head and horns. His entire body is well sculpted and painted to make for a very nice model.

Ceratosaurus Facts:
Ceratosaurus was a medium-sized theropod. The original specimen is estimated to be 5.3 m (17 ft) or 5.69 m (18.7 ft) long, while the specimen described as C. dentisulcatus was larger, at around 7 m (23 ft) long. Ceratosaurus was characterized by deep jaws that supported proportionally very long, blade-like teeth, a prominent, ridge-like horn on the midline of the snout, and a pair of horns over the eyes. The forelimbs were very short, but remained fully functional; the hand had four fingers. The tail was deep from top to bottom. A row of small osteoderms (skin bones) was present down the middle of the neck, back, and tail. Additional osteoderms were present at unknown positions on the animal's body.

The Nanmu Scavenger Blue #171094 is part of the Dinosaur Series by Nanmu.

This is a hand painted figure. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: 171094

Nanmu 55045

by Nanmu

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 15+ Years

Nanmu Studio - Nanmu Scavenger Blue #171094

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