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Triceratops (Papo)

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Triceratops (Papo)
Triceratops (Papo)
Triceratops (Papo)
Triceratops (Papo)
Triceratops (Papo)
Triceratops (Papo)
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Second largest triceratops figure currently available. Plain brown model with grey horns, beak, and points on frill. Nice skin folds on legs and neck. Papo - Triceratops

Papo Triceratops measures: 8.8" L x 4" H.

Papo Triceratops Review:

While this is not the largest Triceratops figure available (CollectA is larger), the size of this figure is the first thing you notice. The second thing you notice is brown. Lots of same shade brown on this figure. So this figure is a little plain in color when compared to other triceratops figures.

The head is well shaped and the horns, beak, and some of the frill bumps are painted in a flat grey. Along with the yellow eye, these greys are the only non-brown colors on this figure.

Stands very stable - overall good shape and a good model. Texture is relatively smooth. Back bumps have low relief and get somewhat lost as they are painted (you guessed it) brown. We simply wish there was a little more paint variation.

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Triceratops Information:

The name "Triceratops" literally means "three-horned-face" (in Greek). While popular theory has always depicted that the 3 horns were strictly defensive weapons, new studies have expanded their use to include courtship and dominance displays (much like modern deer antlers). Bearing a large bony frill, three horns on the skull, and a large four-legged body, exhibiting convergent evolution with rhinoceroses and bovines. Triceratops is the most familiar genus of the Ceratopsidae, a family of large, mostly North American horned dinosaurs. Triceratops was traditionally placed within the "short-frilled" ceratopsids, but modern cladistic studies show it to be a member of the Chasmosaurinae which usually have long frills.

The Papo Triceratops #55002 is part of the Dinosaur Series by Papo.

This is a hand painted figure.

Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: 55002

Papo 55002

by Papo

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Triceratops (Papo)
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Papo Dinosaurs - Triceratops #55002

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3+ Years

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