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Papo - Young TriceratopsZoom

Papo - Young Triceratops

Item# PAPO-55036
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This is the only young triceratops model currently available. Nice grey figure with open mouth. Horns developing - good model to create a Triceratops family.

Papo Young Triceratops measures: 4" L x 1.85 H.

Papo Young Triceratops Review:

This is the only Young Triceratops model currently available. (CollectA makes a baby Triceratops). This is a cute developing model from Papo. Nice grey back paint transitions to tan underbelly. Best part of this figure is the head. Nice stage of development with small horns and frill. A good figure to create a Triceratops family.

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Triceratops Information:

The name "Triceratops" literally means "three-horned-face" (in Greek). While popular theory has always depicted that the 3 horns were strictly defensive weapons, new studies have expanded their use to include courtship and dominance displays (much like modern deer antlers). Bearing a large bony frill, three horns on the skull, and a large four-legged body, exhibiting convergent evolution with rhinoceroses and bovines. Triceratops is the most familiar genus of the Ceratopsidae, a family of large, mostly North American horned dinosaurs. Triceratops was traditionally placed within the "short-frilled" ceratopsids, but modern cladistic studies show it to be a member of the Chasmosaurinae which usually have long frills..

The Papo Young Triceratops is part of the Dinosaur Series by Papo.

This is a hand painted figure.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: 55036

Papo 55036

by Papo

Happy Hen Toys has one of the largest Papo dinosaur stores on the world wide web!

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Papo Young Triceratops #55036

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