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Papo - Cave BearZoom

Papo - Cave Bear

Item# PAPO-55066
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The Papo Cave Bear measures: 5" L x 3.1" H.
The Papo Cave Bear face is ferocious but we would like to see bigger teeth, Hand Painted figure.

Papo Cave Bear Review:
Currently, the Papo Cave Bear is the only Cave Bear figure on the market. Even with no other toy Cave Bears to compare to Papo did a very good job on this figure. The dark brown paint is appropriate and the darker brown / black highlight on the back is a great accent. The Papo Cave Bear face is appropriately vicious. We would like to see bigger teeth, but at this point we are just being picky. The Papo Cave Bear is in a great walking stance. Overall, the Papo Cave Bear would be a great addition to your Papo Dinosaur collection.

Cave Bear Facts:
The cave bear and the brown bear are thought to be related. The Cave Bear however lived from 5.3 million years ago to 100,000 years ago. The cave bear could reach up to 12 feet tall and could weight as much as 2,300 lbs. If you see a cave bear skeleton in a museum, there is a 90% chance it is a male as few female skeletons have been found.

The Papo Cave Bear is made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: 55066

by Papo

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3 + Years

Papo Wild Animals - Papo Cave Bear by Papo 55066

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