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Surgeon Fish (Papo)

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Captivating bright blue body adorned with black stripes and vibrant yellow accents on the fins and tail create a harmonious and eye-catching combination.

The Papo Surgeon Fish #56024 measures: 2.75" L x 1.4" T.

Papo Surgeon Fish #56024 Review:

The Papo Surgeon Fish figurine is a stunning representation of these magnificent creatures. Its beautiful coloring immediately catches the eye, starting with the vibrant blue body adorned with striking yellow accents. The addition of black stripes further enhances the overall visual appeal, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance.

The intricate detailing extends to the fins and tail, where fine spine lines create a delightful contrast. Another charming aspect is the presence of dull yellow freckles on the nose, adding a subtle yet endearing touch to the overall design.

Surgeon Fish Information:

Surgeonfish are primarily found in tropical and subtropical waters, particularly in the coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific region. These fish are named "surgeonfish" due to the sharp, blade-like spines found on their tails, which resemble a surgeon's scalpel.

One of the most striking features of surgeonfish is their vibrant coloration. They display a wide range of colors, including shades of blue, yellow, orange, and even purple. These vivid hues, combined with intricate patterns and markings, make them a beautiful sight to behold.

Surgeonfish are renowned for their unique feeding habits. They have a specialized mouth structure with sharp teeth designed for grazing on algae and other plant material. Their diet plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of coral reefs, as they help control the growth of algae and promote the growth of coral by removing competition for space.

In addition to their ecological importance, surgeonfish are also popular in the aquarium trade. Their vibrant colors and active nature make them attractive additions to marine aquariums. However, it's important to note that surgeonfish require spacious tanks with ample swimming room and a well-maintained diet to thrive in captivity.

Part of the Sea Life Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 56024

by Papo

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Surgeon Fish (Papo)
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Papo Sea Life - Surgeon Fish #56024

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    Nice Blue Fish

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2023

    Dory is one of the universe's best fish. Every morning I wake up and imagine myself swimming through the seas, as she does.