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Lobster (Papo)

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Lobster (Papo)
Lobster (Papo)
Lobster (Papo)
Lobster (Papo)
Lobster (Papo)
Lobster (Papo)
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The Papo Lobster is an intricately designed crustacean figurine that offers a fantastic representation of the majestic lobster. Nice segmentation on the body and legs.

The Papo Lobster #56052 measures: 4" L x 2.4" W x 1.6"T.

Papo Lobster #56052 Review:

The segmented tail is beautifully crafted, showcasing the lobster's natural anatomy with precision. Each segment is well-defined, adding to the realism of the piece. Additionally, the inclusion of the double sets of antennas is a thoughtful touch. With one set reaching forward and the other swept back, it accurately captures the distinct appearance of lobsters in motion.

The lobster's tail deserves special mention as it looks truly delectable. The texture and coloration of the shell are incredibly lifelike, giving the impression of a freshly caught specimen. The carefully sculpted claws are open and ready to pinch, further enhancing the authenticity of the model. Claws are molded to different degrees of openness, adding a dynamic touch to the overall presentation.

Lobster Information:

Belonging to the family Nephropidae, lobsters are crustaceans known for their elongated bodies, hard exoskeletons, and prominent claws. Found in various oceans and seas, they inhabit rocky crevices and burrows on the ocean floor. Lobsters display remarkable adaptability, thriving in diverse environments ranging from shallow coastal waters to depths of several hundred meters.

One of the most striking features of lobsters is their ability to undergo astonishing transformations. As they grow, lobsters molt, shedding their old exoskeletons and revealing a larger, softer one beneath. During molting, lobsters are particularly vulnerable and seek shelter until their new exoskeleton hardens. This process allows them to grow throughout their lifespan, which can exceed several decades.

Apart from their intriguing biology, lobsters have also become culinary delicacies. Known for their succulent meat, they are celebrated in various cuisines worldwide. From the classic lobster bisque and lobster rolls to buttery lobster tails and steamed whole lobsters, these crustaceans tantalize taste buds with their sweet, tender flesh. Whether served in fine dining establishments or enjoyed at casual seafood shacks, lobster dishes are a symbol of indulgence and celebration.

Part of the Sea Life Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 56052

by Papo

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Lobster (Papo)
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Papo Sealife - Lobster #56052

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