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PNSO - Fergus the AcroncanthosaurusZoom

PNSO - Fergus the Acroncanthosaurus

Item# PNSO-61
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PNSO Fergus Acrocanthosaurus was released in June 2022. Features a moveable jaw and awesome head sculpt. Does balance but is front heavy. Top notch figure 2022.

PNSO Fergus the Acroncanthosaurus measures: 12.4" L x 4.1" H.

PNSO Fergus Acrocanthosaurus Review:

PNSO Acrocanthosaurus as a model has a nice design, the skin texture and detail is attractive. Head is very attractive on this figure. Jaw opens / closes. When closed, the head shape is sharp and well done. When opened, the jaw looks awesome filled with individual teeth. Brown / tan paint is well applied and the hightlights are well done. Front arms are a little short for our tastes but may very well be accurate.

Our only issue with this figure is its balance. It does balance, but is front heavy. Tends to pitch forward on to its face if jostled. Figure does come with one of the PNSO plastic stands for assistance. We just wish this figure balanced better on its own.

Acrocanthosaurus Facts:

Acrocanthosaurus is a large herbivorous ceratopsian from the Late Cretaceous found in the Dinosaur Park Formation of Canada. Their name meaning "pointed Lizard". At 18 ft long long Acrocanthosaurus was massive but hardly the largest. Much of what we know about Acrocanthosaurus come from the fossil remains of thousands of specimens found in the Hilda mega-bonebed in Hilda, Alberta Canada. It is hypothesized that they were gregarious creatures and may have been overcome by a mass flood. Resulting in what may be the largest bone-bed in the world estimated at over 280 footbal fields!

Scientific reconstruction sculpture for display. NOT A TOY.

High detailed, realistic and exquisite.

PNSO is a specialized organization devoted to Scientific Art creation and research. It was founded in Beijing on June 1, 2010, by Mr. ZHAO Chuang, a Scientific Artist, and Ms. YANG Yang, a science writer for children.

Hand Painted. Product Material: PVC

Product Code: PNSO-61


Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 14+ Years

PNSO Fergus the Acroncanthosaurus #61 - Dinosaur Museum Series

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