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Papo - Acrocanthosaurus - NEW ColorZoom

Papo - Acrocanthosaurus - NEW Color

Item# PAPO-55062
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2018 NEW Color!

Papo Acrocanthosaurus with Moveable Jaw.

Acrocanthosaurus meaning "high-spined lizard" is a genus of carcharodontosaurid dinosaur that existed in what is now North America during the Aptian and early Albian stages of the Early Cretaceous. Acrocanthosaurus was a bipedal predator. As the name suggests, it is best known for the high neural spines on many of its vertebrae, which most likely supported a ridge of muscle over the animal's neck, back, and hips. Acrocanthosaurus was one of the largest theropods, reaching 38 ft in length, and weighing up to 6.2 tons.

The Papo Acrocanthosaurus measures approximately in inches:
11.5 L x 5 H.

Part of the Dinosaur Series by Papo.

This is a hand painted figure.

Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: 55062

by Papo

Happy Hen Toys has one of the largest Papo dinosaur stores on the world wide web!

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Papo Dinosaurs - Papo Acrocanthosaurus by Papo 55062 - Toy Dino

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