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Safari Ltd. - Black JaguarZoom

Safari Ltd. - Black Jaguar

Item# SAF-224-429
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Safari Ltd. - Wildlife Collection - Black Jaguar

Although you might think otherwise, a black coat is actually disadvantageous for a jaguar, despite them being nighttime hunters. The reason for this is that it’s much harder for most animals to spot a patterned figured amidst foliage, which is why most large cats have stripes and spots. However, studies have suggested that the black coloration in jaguars is linked to beneficial effects on their immune system, which might in part explain its prevalence.

Size in inches: 4.04 L x 0.43 W x 1.97 H.

Hand Painted.

Product Code: saf224429

Safari 224429

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. Wildlife - Black Jaguar by Safari Ltd. 224429 - Wild Safari Wildlife

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