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Peacock (Safari Ltd.)Zoom

Peacock (Safari Ltd.)

Item# SAF-264-629
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Of the peacock figures, this model has the most brilliant display of colors on its front feathering - vibrant shades of green and gold.

The Safari Ltd. Peacock #264629 measures: 4.1W x 3 T.

Safari Ltd. Peacock #264629 Review:

This stunning figure features vibrant iridescent coloring on its front feathers that shine brilliantly in shades of green and gold, along with a bright blue body that catches the eye. As one of the shiniest peacock figures available, it is sure to impress.

While the front feathers are the focal point, the back of the body is a solid grey, we wish this figure had more variety on the back. No base, stands on 2 little feet.

Peacock Information:

Were you aware that the term "peacock" specifically refers to male members of the species? Conversely, females are referred to as "peahens," and the term "peafowl" is used to describe both males and females.

The peacock is a stunning bird from the pheasant family, originally native to South Asia, but now present in numerous other regions, including Europe and North America. Their mesmerizing, iridescent blue and green feathers, featuring a distinct "eye" pattern, are what they are renowned for. Males have a more pronounced pattern and more vibrant and lengthier tail feathers than females.

Peacocks are omnivorous and consume an array of plants, insects, and small animals. They are famous for their unique mating rituals that involve the male unfurling their tail feathers in a fan-like display while emitting piercing, loud calls to entice females. In some cultures, the peacock is regarded as a symbol of royalty, beauty, and immortality.

Peacocks have been kept as domesticated birds for many years and are frequently spotted in zoos and parks. They are also bred for their feathers, which are utilized in various cultural and ornamental practices. However, due to hunting and habitat destruction, the number of wild peacocks has declined, leading to some species being endangered.

Part of the Wings of the World Series by Safari Ltd..

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Safari Ltd. 264629

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. Wings of the World - Peacock #264629

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