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Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)

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Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)
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This figure stands out with its distinctive brown coloring on the body, which is a departure from the typical grey coloring found on most hammerhead figures.

The Safari Ltd. Baby Hammerhead Shark #267929 measures: 6.25" L x 3.25" W x 2.75T.

Safari Ltd. Hammerhead Shark #267929 Review:

This hammerhead figure is one of three hammerhead shark figures currently offered by Safari Ltd, and is perfect for those looking for a "baby hammerhead" option. Interestingly, this is an Incredible Creature and thus is oversized relative to other figures. This results in this "baby" being larger than most of the adult hammerhead options.

While it is labeled as a baby hammerhead, it doesn't look much different from the adult figures in terms of shape and overall appearance.

One of the unique features of this figure is the brown coloring on the body, which sets it apart from the traditional grey coloring seen on most hammerhead figures. The curve of the figure is also nicely done, giving it a more natural appearance. One of the wider heads at almost 2.5" W.

The underbelly is white and the mouth is slightly open, revealing a single set of teeth that are not well-defined but still add to the authenticity of the figure. The gills on the side of the figure are also well-done and add to the overall realism.

Hammerhead Shark Pup Information:

Hammerhead shark babies, also known as pups, are born live and fully developed, unlike some other species of sharks which lay eggs. The gestation period for hammerhead sharks varies depending on the species, but typically lasts around 9 to 10 months. During this time, the pups grow inside the mother's uterus, receiving nourishment from a yolk sac until they are born.

When hammerhead shark pups are born, they are usually between 20 to 30 inches long and weigh around 1 to 3 pounds. Despite their small size, they are already equipped with all the features of an adult hammerhead shark, including their distinctive hammer-shaped head. However, the cephalofoil of a baby hammerhead shark is proportionally much larger in relation to their body than that of an adult.

Hammerhead shark pups are vulnerable to predation from other marine animals, including larger sharks and dolphins. To increase their chances of survival, the pups instinctively group together in schools, which provides them with protection in numbers.

The mother hammerhead shark does not provide any parental care for her pups after they are born, leaving them to fend for themselves from the moment they enter the world. This early independence is a survival strategy that allows the mother to focus on producing more offspring, rather than expending energy on caring for a single pup.

Part of the Sea Life Series by Safari Ltd.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Safari Ltd. 267929

by Safari Ltd.

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Shark - Hammerhead Baby (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Hammerhead Shark Baby #267929 - Incredible Creatures

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3+ Years

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