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Turtle - Sea Baby (Safari Ltd.)

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Dark paint colors the majority of this baby sea turtle. It is made of a soft flexible material that promotes gentle play and is hollow and will float in water.

Safari Ltd. Sea Turtle Baby measures 5" L x 6" W x 1.75" H

Safari Ltd. Sea Turtle Baby Review:

The Safari Ltd. Baby Sea Turtle figurine, part of the Safari Ltd. Incredible Creatures line, offers a delightful oversized representation of these adorable creatures. Perfectly designed for young children, this figurine features unique characteristics that enhance its playability and appeal.

One notable feature is the rubber texture of the figure, providing a soft and tactile experience. The bendable flippers and squeezable body add an interactive element, allowing children to engage in imaginative play and create their own underwater adventures.

The smoother detailing (with lines) on the shell creates a visually pleasing contrast to the rough and bubbly texture of the flippers. The white detailing around the end of the flippers stands out beautifully, adding a touch of elegance.

The baby sea turtle's cute face is adorned with big black eyes, capturing its innocence and charm.

Baby Sea Turtle Information:

Sea turtles are large reptiles that live in the ocean. They are known for their distinctive shell, which is made up of bony plates covered by a layer of skin and scales. Sea turtles are adapted to life in the water, with streamlined bodies and powerful flippers that allow them to swim and dive with ease.

All sea turtles share certain traits such as their shell, flippers, and ability to migrate long distances.

Sea turtles play an important role in marine ecosystems, serving as both predators and prey. They feed on a variety of marine plants and animals, and are in turn hunted by sharks and other predators. However, sea turtles face many threats from human activities such as pollution, habitat destruction, and bycatch in fishing gear. As a result, many sea turtle populations are considered endangered or threatened, and conservation efforts are underway to protect them.

Hand Painted.

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Safari 268129

by Safari Ltd.

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Turtle - Sea Baby (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Incredible Creatures - Sea Turtle Baby #268129

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