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Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)

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Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
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This is the most colorful of the Tylosaurus figures available. Tiger like paint scheme really stands out. Fairly straight tail with a big tail fin.

Safari Ltd. Tylosaurus measures: 9.5" L x 1.8" T.

Safari Ltd. Tylosaurus Review

The most unique aspect of this figure it the paint scheme. Bright gold with black tiger stripes really stands out. Figure has a fairly straight tail and thus measures long. Figure rests on its four side fins. Mouth is one of the widest open jaws. Teeth are nice with a second set of mini teeth on the roof of the mouth - these bonus teeth are a nice detail. Black paint around the eye may be considered a little overdone. Overall a solid figure - especially if you are looking for a bright figure.

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Tylosaurus Information:

Tylosaurus was a ferocious marine lizard that powered itself through the water with sweeping motions of its long body and fish-like tail. At a massive 46 feet long, it was about the size of a humpback whale and one of the largest mosasaurs. It lived in the Western Interior Seaway of North America during the Late Cretaceous, from about 75 to 85 million years ago.

Hand Painted.

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Safari Ltd. 304429

by Safari Ltd.

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Tylosaurus (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Prehistoric Collection - Tylosaurus #304429

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