2023 Tylosaurus Dinosaur Toy Reviews

Updated: 10/10/2023

This 2023 Tylosaurus Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Tylosaurus Figure Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget. We have ranked the Tylosaurus from best to worst. However, that doesn't mean the highest rated Tylosaurus is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different Tylosaurus figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Tylosaurus model that is best for you.

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Tylosaurus Overview:

There are many solid / good looking figures in this group. All are at least acceptable figures. There are no “bad” figures that need to be avoided. Your choice on which Tylosaurus is best for you depends on budget, which features you require, and your personal preference. Any of these figures would be good additions to your prehistoric collection.

Please click on the individual items and review our ACTUAL PRODUCT PICTURES to assist your buying decision.

Best Tylosaurus Toy Figure: PNSO Tylosaurus #57

PNSO Tylosaurus #57We selected this as the best Tylosaurus toy figure available in 2022. Top notch figure from PNSO – of course this level of detail comes with a higher price.

Size: The PNSO Tylosaurus measures: 12.5” L x 3.25” H.

Product Highlights: This is the most deluxe (and expensive) of the Tylosaurus figures currently available. This figure is very well done by PNSO. Sleek, curved shape is well done and intriguing. Great texture on this model. While not a rough texture, has a good "satin" feel to it. Nice blended paint job from dark back to light underbelly. Little pink highlights on the underside by the fins. Head and mouth are unique on this figure. Head / snout is the narrowest available. Head also had the widest opening mouth. Bright pink mouth really stands out and quickly draws your eyes. We would like the teeth to be a little bigger. Figure has a second set of mini teeth in the top of the mouth. A nice additional detail. This is a great model to add to your PNSO dinosaur collection

+ Price – Most expensive figure available.
+ Mouth is a little too pink for our taste.

Best Value Tylosaurus Toy Figure: Mojo Tylosaurus #387046

Mojo Tylosaurus #387046This is one of the lowest priced Tylosaurus figures available. It is a very nice model – thus awarded best value Tylosaurus award.

Size: The Mojo Tylosaurus measures: 6.5” L x 1.6” H.
Large curve in tail impacts the length measurement.

Product Highlights:
We really like this figure from Mojo. Even at this price point, gives the other figures a run for their money. Nice swooping curved tail really adds to the swimming illusion. Mouth is well formed and the teeth look good. Jaw does not move, but jaws do not move on any of the other Tylosaurus figures. This figure would be a good addition to your Mojo prehistoric collection. Overall a nice looking figure.

None noted – great value figure.

Bright Color Tylosaurus Toy Figure (Tie): Safari Ltd. Tylosaurus #304429

Safari Ltd. Tylosaurus #304429This is the most colorful of the Tylosaurus figures available. Tiger like paint scheme really stands out. Fairly straight tail with a big tail fin.

Size: The Safari Ltd. Tylosaurus Deluxe measures: 9.5” L x 1.8” H.

Product Highlights:
The most unique aspect of this figure it the paint scheme. Bright gold with black tiger stripes really stands out. Figure has a fairly straight tail and thus measures long. Figure rests on its four side fins. Mouth is one of the widest open jaws. Teeth are nice with a second set of mini teeth on the roof of the mouth - these bonus teeth are a nice detail. Overall a solid figure - especially if you are looking for a bright figure.

Black paint around the eye may be considered a little overdone

Average Tylosaurus Toy Figure: Papo Tylosaurus #55024

Papo Tylosaurus #55024Figure has the roughest texture of any Tylosaurus model. Head up pose is slightly odd. Where would it get the leverage to lift it? Wide body has good heft.

Size: The Papo Tylosaurus Deluxe measures: 9.25” L x 2” H.

Product Highlights:
This figure is a good figure, but is slightly puzzling to us. Figure has a good texture, heft, and a good basic paint job. Face is a little pointed looking to us, but is a well formed face. Teeth are individually formed but are a little rounded. Figure has a wide body and rests well on its belly / fins. Pose is a little odd to us with the heads up pose. Maybe possible, but where would it get leverage in the water to lift its head. Overall a good figure.

Head position seems odd to us.

Average Tylosaurus Toy Figure: CollectA Tylosaurus #88320

CollectA Tylosaurus #88320Actual color is much different than the manufacturer picture. Figure does not rest on its fins. Figure rests on belly and can rock. Brown underbelly.

Size: The CollectA Tylosaurus measures: 8" L x 1.2" T.


Product Highlights:
Look at our product pictures for a better idea on the actual colors. Mostly grey (not sliver) figure with a browish / red underbelly. Teeth are not as well individually formed as some other models. Nose is rounder than the other models. Figure has a nice curve to it. Good texture on the tail. Face looks a little simple. Figure does not rest on its four fins (like some other figures do). Figure rests on its belly. Solid overall figure.

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