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Amargasaurus (Safari Ltd.)Zoom

Amargasaurus (Safari Ltd.)

Item# SAF-304-629
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The Safari Ltd. Amargasaurus measures: 16" L x 4.75" H.
What sets this figure apart is its LARGE size and vibrant green color.

Safari Ltd. Amargasaurs Review:
The Safari Ltd. Amargasaurus is the LARGEST of the Amargasaurus figures currently available. It also has the most vibrant paint scheme available and really stands out with its primarily green paint base. We like its individual spines along the back of the neck but wish they continued down the tail like many of the other figures. Relative to the other figures, the skin texture is relatively smooth. Some of the other figures have more distinct textures.

Overall we like this figure and are impressed with it's size (it has a big curve on the tail so it actually looks even bigger). Both front feet only have one "toe / claw" which we are not sure is anatomically correct. Overall, this would be a good figure to add to your collection.

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Amargasaurus Dinosaur Facts:
Amargasaurus is a genus of sauropod dinosaurs (long necks, long tails, relatively small heads, and four thick legs) that lived in what is now Argentina about 125 million years ago. The Amargasaurus is one of the smaller sauropods – measuring only 30 feet in length and weighing an estimated 2-3 tons.

The most distinctive feature of the Amargasaurus was two parallel rows of tall spines down its neck and back. There is a debate among scientists as to whether they were individual spikes or if they were connected by some sort of “skin” to form a “sail”. The spines may have provided protection from predators or (if covered by skin) a way to dissipate heat) – or a combination of the two functions. The tallest of the Amargasaurus spikes may have reached as high as 24 inches.

The Amargasaurus was likely a slow-moving animal. While its legs were think and one would think strong, the relative shortness of the legs (relative to the size of its body) likely limited the speed at which it could walk.

Our knowledge of the Amargasaurus is limited by the fact that only ONE fossil specimen has been discovered. Found in Argentina in 1984, it provides most the information scientists have inferred about the Amargasaurus.

For the “gamers” out there, the Amagarsaurus is the dinosaur tamed in the game Lost Island and the Amagarsaurus ARK must be tamed to advance in the game

Product Code: saf304629

Safari 304629

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. Prehistoric Collection - Amargasaurus #304629

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