2022 Amargasaurus Dinosaur Toy Reviews

Updated: 06/14/2022

This 2022 Amargasaurus Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Amargasaurus Dinosaur Model that is best for you based on features and your budget.

2022 Amargasaurus Toy Buying Guide
2022 Amargasaurus Toy Comparison Picture

The NEW COLOR PNSO Amargasaurus arrived after this original review. Visit their product pages for more pictures.

PNSO Amargasaurus Toy Comparison Picture

We have ranked the six Amargasaurus Dinosaurs from best to worst. However, that doesn't mean the highest rated Amargasaurus is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different toy Amargasaurus figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Amargasaurus toy dinosaur model that is best for you. These figures vary greatly in price, thus any of the figures may work for you depending on your budget. Even the cheapest figure has positive attributes – thus budget is your primary decision factor when selecting a Amargasaurus toy.


Best Amargasaurus Toy Figure (Tie): PNSO Amargasaurus – Lucio #04

PNSO Amargasaurus #04PNSO does it again – creating the Amargasaurs figure that is rated best overall – but of course comes at a price as generally over twice the cost of the next most expensive figure. This figure also comes with a base – an added bonus not included with the other figures.

Key Features:
+ Best Overall Details - As you would expect to find in a figure at this price point, the details are simply amazing. Paint, texture, form – all top notch.

+ Size: The PNSO Amargasaurus measures approximately: 14.1 L x 4 H (inches).
Second longest overall.

+ Great Spike design - Spikes are a great combination of individual spikes and "sail" type.

+ Includes base – Comes with a great looking base.

+ Cost – Double the price of the of the next most expensive model.

PNSO Lucio Amargasaurus Review:
Ignoring price, this is the best Amargasaurus model currently available. What really sets this figure apart is the design of the spikes along the back. Spikes on the back of the neck are a combination sail at the base, but then transitions into individual spikes. Along the back transitions into double row of individual spikes - then transitions into a single row all the way down the tail. Overall a great design combination. on the spikes. Spikes have some bend to them, but generally are stiff enough to hold their shape. Neck, muscles, texture and paint blending are all top notch. This figure comes with a base for the figure to stand on. Great extra detail and adds to the look. If price is no object, this is the figure for you.


Best Amargasaurus Toy Figure (Tie): PNSO Amargasaurus – Lucio #04 – NEW COLOR

PNSO Amargasaurus #04 – NEW COLOR

+ Size: The PNSO Amargasaurus measures approximately: 14.1 L x 4 H (inches).

PNSO Lucio Amargasaurus - NEW COLOR Review:
Figure is the exact same as the original PSNO Lucio – only difference is updated / more vibrant paint. Click on the images to review the acutal product pictures. Both of these figures are awesome. Pick between the two based on your paint preference.


Best Value Amargasaurus Figure: Schleich Amargasaurus #15029

Schleich Amargasaurus #15029The Schleich Amargasaurus figure is generally the second least expensive figure (the cheapest is a small figure), so for its size, this figure is a good value. Even at this price, it has many features of the more expensive models – thus this the winner of our “Best Value” option.


Key Features:
+ Size: 10.25 inches length x 4 inches tall

+ Texture: This figure has deep texture on its sides – gives the figure a good look.

+ Solid Spikes: Study spikes – hold their position – will not bend out of place.

+ New: Introduced in January, 2022.

+ Spikes: While the spikes are solid, not really individual spikes – mostly “sail” type spikes.

Schleich Amargasaurus Review:
Introduced in January, 2022, this is a very nice figure. What really stands out is the deep texturing on the side of the figure. Side by side, this is the most textured figure. The spikes on the back are solid and won’t bend like on some of the other figures. While some component of individual spikes, mostly sail type – so if you are in the camp of the spikes were individual (up for debate by the experts), this may not be the figure for you. Paint scheme is nice and with the textured side really stands out. With its relatively lower price, wins the best value Amargasaurus award.


Largest Amargasaurus Model: Safari Ltd. Amargasaurus #304-629

Safari Ltd. Amargasaurus #304-629The Safari Ltd. Amargasaurus is the largest of the Amargasaurus toy figures currently available. If you are looking for a large figure with good details – the Safari Ltd. Amargasaurus is a good choice.

Key Features:
+ Size: 16 inches x 4.75 inches high. Has a large curve in the tail so looks even longer.

+ Color: Bright green base with reddish accents. Stands out from the other figures. Bright yellow eye.

+ Spikes: The most dense and stiff of the “individual spike” type spikes.

+ Texture: Not a lot of texture on the sides. Relatively smooth surface.

Safari Ltd. Amargasaurus #304-629 Review:
If you put all six of the Amargasaurus figures side by side, this is the figure that your eyes would first be drawn too. First, it is the largest of the figures currently available. Second, its bright green color instantly attracts attention. Third, the dense / heavy spikes are unique and jump out at you. While it may not be the most realistic it is attention getting. Our biggest issue with this figure is the lack of texture on the sides – it is quite smooth – which may not be truly representative. Overall an acceptable figure.


Least Expensive / Smallest Amargasaurus Model: CollectA Amargasaurus #88220

CollectA Amargasaurus #88220CollectA offers two versions of the Amargasaurus – this Amargasaurus #88220 is the smaller version they offer. This figure is much smaller than the other Amargasaurus figures available – but it is NOT a mini figure. While a small figure, it has good details and with its low price – represents a good value.

Key Features:
+ Size: 6.25 inches long x 2.25 inches high.

+ Color: Rust color base has good highlights for the price.

+ Spikes: Has nice individual spikes on the back of the neck – spikes flow all the way to the tail.

+ Low Cost: The cheapest Amargasaurus currently available.

+ None Noted: For the price / size, this is a good figure.

CollectA Amargasaurus #88220 Review:
While this figure is much smaller than the other Amargasaurus figures available, it’s price is much lower – thus is represents a good value. Overall has many nice features. Spikes are well formed and will hold their shape. The painting on this figure highlights the muscles definition of the figure. There is not a lot of texture on this figure – but again, for the price, is a very good model. If you are looking a low priced model, this figure offers you a good value option. Some low end figures are not very good – this is NOT one of those – very representative on the features of an Amargasaurus at a low price.

Good Amargasaurus Model: Papo Amargasaurus #55070

Papo Amargasaurus #55070Papo normally does a great job with their figures – we are slightly disappointed with this figure, however. It’s a good figure, but we prefer other Amagasaurus figures to this one.

Key Features:
+ Size: 9.5 inches long x 3.1 inches high. This is the second smallest figure available.

+ Color: Fairly muted color pallet on the figure.

+ Spikes: We prefer the Amargasaurus figures that have the individual spikes and spikes all the way down the back / tail. This figure has a very limited set of spikes.

+ Cost: For the price, we feel the features could be better.

Papo Amargasaurus #55070 Review:
This is a good figure – specifically there are no major flaws in this figure. That said, its not our favorite Amagasaurus toy figure. We prefer the Amargasaurus figures that have the individual spikes and spikes all the way down the back / tail. This Papo doesn’t have individual spikes and they end at the base of the neck. We also are underwhelmed by the paint job on this figure. It is a muted brown – which sort of looks washed out to us. The red highlights along the back don’t seem to “pop” out and just sort of blend in. Don’t get us wrong, this is a fine figure, it’s just not our preferred figure. At this price point, we would expect more from a Papo dinosaur.


Good Amargasaurus Model: Collecta Deluxe Amargasaurus #88556

CollectA Deluxe Amargasaurus #88556This is a fine figure from CollectA. This figure is being retired by CollectA, so the it may not be available for much longer.

Key Features:
+ Size: 11 inches long x 4.5 inches high.

+ Spikes: Unique combination of individual spikes on back of neck and odd smooth “sail” along the back.

+ Texture: Has unique bumps on the side – the only figure with such bumps.

+ Spikes: Individual spicks on the back of the next are not very rigid. Tend to point in a bunch of directions.

+ Face paint: Has some white accents on the face that we don’t feel add very much.

CollectA Deluxe Amargasaurus #88556 Review:
This is a unique figure that you may prefer. Its spikes are unique in that along the back, it appears to be more of fin as opposed to a spike row. Side has bumps on it – this is the only figure that has noticeable bumps on the side. Actual color is much different than the manufacturer provided picture. The neck spikes are not very rigid and thus point in many directions. As noted, this figure is being retired by CollectA. Overall a fine figure – comes down to personal preference.