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Schleich - Rider Cafe

Item# SCH42519
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The Cups & Saddles is a popular riderís meeting place in Hazelwood. The four girls leave secret messages for each other here or enjoy a large piece of Carolin Kramerís famous apple pie, which she regularly bakes for the cafť. Tom helps behind the counter at the weekend and makes yummy smoothies for the guests.

The Tom figure can sit, stand and grasp objects! The Emily figure can move her arms, grasp objects and ride a horse!
Paddocks have endless possibilities for extension and can be combined with a riding school and horse stalls!
Figurine, saddle and bridle detachable!

1 x cafť, 1 x Tom, 1 x Tomís Pinto stallion, Pino, 1 x Emily, 1 x waiterís apron, 1 x trellis with roses, 1 x menu board, 1 x advertising board, 1 x golden key, 1 x counter, 1 x cabinet, 1 x oven, 1 x shelf, 1 x coffee machine, 1 x till, 1 x ceiling lamp, 2 x bistro table, 4 x chair, 1 x sunshade, 4 x cup, 4 x plate, 4 x piece of blueberry pie, 4 x piece of apple pie, 4 x cupcake, 2 x cream topping, 3 x bottles of lemonade, 2 x glass with straw, 2 x rosettes, 2 x flower vase, 2 x bouquet of flowers, 1 x tether pole for horses, 1 x manger, 1 x trough, 1 x halter, 2 x apples, 1 x saddle, 1 x bridle and reins, 1 x feeding box, 1 x sticker, 1 x assembly instructions

Made of durable synthetic material by Schleich.

Product Code: sch42519

Schleich 42519

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Schleich Rider Cafe #42519

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