2023 Toy Rooster Reviews

Last updated: 03/21/2023

This 2023 Rooster Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Rooster toy model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the seven toy Rooster figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the best toy Rooster toy model that is best for you. Of course, we have included Cockerels in this discussion.

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2023 Rooster  Toy Buying Guide Group Picture

Rooster Toy Overview:

There are currently 7 different Rooster toys available. For the first time ever, we are virtually indifferent as to any of the models. Your choice will depend entirely on your preference for breed and color. Some Roosters are white, some are vibrantly colored. We have Phoenix Roosters, Gallic Roosters, Cockerels and just “regular” Roosters. All are fine figures (the 2 CollectA figures are slightly tippy), there are none we would avoid. We have listed the figures in order of our personal preference.


Colorful Rooster: Schleich Rooster #13825

Schleich Rooster #13825

Overall, we slightly prefer this figure due to its: 1) Green feathers, 2) its combo of green and brown feathers, 3) its tall standing comb on the top of its head, and 4) its regal pose with its head held high. Tough call but slightly our favorite figure.

Bright Orange / Yellow Rooster Model: CollectA Cockerel #88004

CollectA Cockerel #88004We really love the color of this Rooster from CollectA. The bright yellow / orange feathers truly make it one of a kind and eye catching. Green tail and red accents on head are great contrast. Figure is on a stand, but is slightly tippy when comparted to the other models. This figure is a Cockerel Toy (a young rooster). This figure is retired by CollectA so get yours while supplies last.


Least Expensive Rooster Model: Papo Rooster #51019

Papo Rooster #51019This is an adequate looking Rooster from Papo. We ranked it this high as it generally is the least expensive rooster model available. The figure is retired by Papo so the price probably will rise as it becomes more scarce. As of this writing, however, this figure is the best value Rooster available.


Nice Looking Colored Rooster Model (tie): Papo Gallic Rooster #51046

Papo Gallic Rooster #51046Again, any of these Rooster Toys is a good as the other. We really like the tail on this figure as it is the only tail with an opening in the feathers (as opposed to a solid tall sculpt). Bright green stand really pops. Overall a good multi-colored figure from Papo.


Vibrant Colors on a White Rooster: Mojo Rooster #387051

Mojo Rooster #387051While this is a primarily a white Rooster, the colors are very vibrant. Bright white body, bright black tail, bright grey on the belly and brilliant bright red on the head. You would think they might be too bright, but they actually work well on this figure. Head looks a little “faker” than some of the other models, but no overly so. This would be my personal choice for a “white” rooster.


All White Rooster Model (tie): CollectA White Cockerel #88128

CollectA White Cockerel #88128This is the only all white rooster figure available. Of course, the comb, beak, etc. are not white. If you are looking for all white, this is the rooster for you. Is slightly tippy on its base. This figure is a Cockerel Toy (a young rooster)



Phoenix Rooster Model: Safari Ltd. Phoenix Rooster #88467

Safari Ltd. Phoenix Rooster #88467This is the only Phoenix Rooster version available. It also is the largest (slightly) rooster figure available. This is the only rooster figure with a tail down pose. Nice design and texture. The white feathers on the back and neck allow some of the black base to show thru. This might be by intent, but may not be the look you are looking for. Again, this is your only Phoenix Rooster option.

Toy Rooster Review Conclusion:

Any of these seven figures would meet your needs. The 2 CollectA figures are slightly tippy on their base, but offer the only orange or all white options available and can be dealt with. Which Rooster you want is totally dependent on the look you are chasing.