2023 Toy Sloth Reviews

Last updated: 03/11/2023

This 2023 Sloth Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Sloth toy model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the five toy Sloth figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the best toy Sloth toy model that is best for you.

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Sloth Toy Overview:

There are currently 4 different Sloth toys available. Three of the Sloth figures are rated as good / very good. The other two are rated as Average. We would select one of the first three, but if you are looking for a specific pose, the other two would be acceptable for your needs.


Best Toy Sloth: CollectA Sloth #88898

CollectA Sloth #88898This is our favorite Sloth figure. We really like the outstretched arms. Claws are well defined and face is one of the cutest on the market. Back features a worn hair spot. No other model has that level of detail. Generally not even the most expensive figure so a great level of details for the cost.

Relaxing Sloth that Can Hang: Schleich Sloth #14793

Schleich Sloth #14793This is one of the smaller of the Sloth models, but still has lots of nice details. The most unique feature of this model is its relaxing pose with the extended arm and the curled hand. This figure could actually hang on a wire or twig with that curled hand. Is very cute figure in a chilling pose.


Mother and Baby Sloth Figure: Papo Sloth with Baby #50214

Papo Sloth with Baby #50214

Only Sloth figure with the Mother and Baby. Baby is tucked under the Mother’s armpit so is difficult to see unless looking at the figure from a certain angle. Can only see one face at a time due to the angles. Figure has a cute face. Does sit upright, but is slightly tippy.

Sloth on Tree Branch: Mojo Sloth on Branch #387180

Mojo Sloth on Branch #387180The best part of this model is the pose on the branch. Branch is “U” shaped and the sloth is clinging in the middle of the branch. As such, the pose is nice. Figure itself is rated average. Body and texture is fine. Face is dark and thus face details are hard to make out. Not a figure to avoid, but not our first choice.


Least Favorite Sloth Model: Safari Ltd. Sloth #100117

Safari Ltd. Sloth #100117We have two issues with this figure. First, while the texture on the back is fine, the texture on the arms and legs is overly smooth. Second, the feet have 2 claws and the hands only have 1 claw. Sitting pose is OK and this figure is acceptable, but it is not our favorite.

Toy Sloth Review Conclusion:

None of these figures need to be avoided, but we prefer the CollectA, Papo, and Schleich figures to the other two. Your final choice is dependent on what specific pose and features you desire.

Toy Sloth Reviews 2023 - Best Toy Sloth Figure