2022 Woolly Mammoth Toy Reviews

This 2022 Woolly Mammoth Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Woolly Mammoth Figure Toy that is best for you based on features and your budget. We have ranked the Woolly Mammoths from best to worst. However, that doesn't mean the highest rated Woolly Mammoth is the right one for you as it may not be within your budget - or it may not be the size you are looking for. Here we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the different Woolly Mammoth figures to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Woolly Mammoth model that is best for you.

Please click on the individual items and review our ACTUAL PRODUCT PICTURES to assist your buying decision.

2022 Woolly Mammoth Toy Buying Guide
2022 Woolly Mammoth Toy Comparison Picture Tops

We could not find any major issues with any of the Woolly Mammoth figures.
All have positive attributes and would be fine to add to your collection.

Best Woolly Mammoth Toy Figure - TIE: Papo Woolly Mammoth #55017

Papo Woolly Mammoth #55017A tie for the best overall Adult Woolly Mammoth – Papo #55017 and CollectA #88304

Size: The Papo Woolly Mammoth measures: 8” L x 5.3” H.

Product Highlights: This is one of the largest and best Mammoth figures available! Nice, curled tusks. Tusks are made of rubber and won't break off during normal play. We like that the hair hangs down below the belly - giving the realism of hanging hair. Overall texture of the figure is well done. Great feel and heft. Curled trunk is nice feature. Definitely a great addition to any Prehistoric figure collection.

Mouth is open under the truck but is not painted any different than the brown body color.

Best Woolly Mammoth Toy Figure - TIE: CollectA Woolly Mammoth #88304

CollectA Woolly Mammoth #88304The CollectA Woolly Mammoth is a great figured and TIED with the Papo 55017 for best overall ADULT Woolly Mammoth.

Size:The CollectA Woolly Mammoth Deluxe measures: 8.5” L x 5.5” H.

Product Highlights:
This figure has a noticeable head turn - which extends its tusk out - inflating its length measurement. Figure is about the same size as the Papo 55017. Top notch figure from Collecta. Tusks extend out (with less curve) than the other Mammoth figures available. We like the extended tusks and they are made of rubber so should not break during the normal course of play. Good texture overall on the figure. This is the only figure with painted toenails. Turned head shape is also unique. The heel of one front foot is lifted and gives slight sense of motion.

Mouth under truck open and is painted pink – doesn’t quite look right.

Best Value Woolly Mammoth Figure: Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth #279929

Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth #279929While smaller than the other ADULT Woolly Mammoth figures, due to its lower cost, the Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth was selected as the Best value mammoth.

Size: The Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth measures: 5.5” L x 5” H.


Product Highlights:
This is a nice figure from Safari Ltd. It is one of the most unique poses of the Mammoths available. The raised head, tucks, and truck is striking. It looks ready for action. The body has a nice hair texture. While it is an "adult" mammoth figure, it is smaller than the other adult figures - but the price reflects its smaller size. This is a very good representation of a woolly mammoth.

Recently Added Woolly Mammoth Toy Figure: EoFauna Mammoth #001

EoFauna Woolly Mammoth #001Unique pose with head up in roaring pose. Front foot ready to stomp on something. Nice hair texture with large curved tusks. Good looking model from EoFauna.

Size: The EoFauna Woolly Mammoth measures: 8.5” L x 5.75” H.

Product Highlights:
While there are a couple of other mammoth toy models with their head up, this model is unique in that it does not have all 4 feet on the ground and thus has the most motion of any current mammoth figure. Model has a nice hair texture on the entire body but as the Steppe Mammoth was the first mammoth to live in a cold climate, we would actually like even MORE hair texture on this figure. Overall a nice mammoth model. Face and tusks look good.

Honorable Mention Woolly Mammoth Toy Figure: Mojo Woolly Mammoth #387049

Mojo Woolly Mammoth #387049This is a fine Adult Woolly Mammoth from Mojo. Typically a little cheaper than the other full sized adult mammoths.

Size:The Mojo Woolly Mammoth measures: 6” L x 5.1” H.

Product Highlights:
This is a nice figure from Mojo. This figure is looking straight ahead. This is the most "elephant" looking of the adult Mammoth figures. Nice hair texture and coloring overall. Typically one of the lower cost "adult" mammoth figures.

Nice figure, but fairly standard pose / look.

Best Young Woolly Mammoth Toy Figure: Papo Young Woolly Mammoth #55025

Papo Young Woolly Mammoth #55025The Papo Young Woolly Mammoth is technically the only “young” Mammoth available. The other options are “calves” .

Size:The Papo Young Woolly Mammoth measures: 4.5” L x 3” H.

Product Highlights:
As a “young” mammoth as opposed to a calf, this is the only “young” mammoth figure that has tusks (they are small painted on tusks, but technically tusks nonetheless). A good sized figure and representation of a non-adult mammoth. Texture of the figure is appropriate and the raised truck reminds of an elephant calf holding its Moms tail. Overall a great figure.

Best Woolly Mammoth Calf Toy Figure: Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth Calf #280029

Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth Calf #280029The Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth Calf is the only calf available at the time of this writing. While a winner of “best mammoth calf” by default, it is a very nice figure.

Size:The Safari Ltd. Woolly Mammoth Calf measures: 3.5” L x 2” H.

Product Highlights:
This figure is a great compliment figure to the Safari Ltd. Adult Woolly Mammoth. Good form, good texture, overall good paint. Would like to see the eye stand out a little more. Cute figure would be good addition to you collection.

NOT REVIEWED Woolly Mammoth Calf: Mojo Woolly Mammoth Calf #387050

Mojo Woolly Mammoth Calf #387050The Mojo Woolly Mammoth calf was out of stock as of the writing of this document. Click on the links above to review the specific product page to see if the item is in stock and has been reviewed.

Toy Woolly Mammoth Review Conclusion:

ALL of the Mammoth figures are realistic models of Woolly Mammoths. There are NO major defects with any of the figures. While some are slightly better than others (in our opinion), this is preference based. Any figure that you prefer would be a nice addition to your prehistoric figure collection. The best woolly mammoth toy is a tie between the Papo mammoth and the CollectA mammoth. Both are realistic prehistoric toy models.

Last Updated: 04/22/2022

Woolly Mammoth Toy Reviews