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Cougar (Papo)

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Cougar (Papo)
Cougar (Papo)
Cougar (Papo)
Cougar (Papo)
Cougar (Papo)
Cougar (Papo)
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The figurine's walking stance is truly remarkable as it expertly conveys the puma's subtle but impressive musculature as it moves through the wild.

The Papo Puma #50189 measures: 4.75" L x 2.2" T.

Papo Puma #50189 Review:

The Papo Puma figurine captures the essence of this powerful predator. One of the standout features of this figurine is the puma's striking face. Its lips are slightly parted, giving a hint of a scowl, and its piercing yellow eyes are set below perked up ears, giving it a sense of alertness and intensity.

The figure's walking pose highlights the slight musculature of the puma's body being subtly but effectively conveyed. This adds to the overall sense of power and strength that the figurine exudes.

This Papo Puma figure has a non-standard paint job. Rather than a solid coat of paint, the figurine has shadings and applications that create a more nuanced appearance. Texture is relatively smooth. Good looking figure overall.

Puma Information:

The puma, also known as the cougar, is a large wildcat found throughout the Americas. These magnificent predators are known for their stealth, strength, and agility, making them one of the most formidable hunters in their ecosystem.

Pumas are solitary creatures and are most active at dawn and dusk, using their excellent eyesight to stalk and ambush prey. Their diet consists of a variety of animals, including deer, small mammals, and birds.

One of the most distinctive features of the puma is its muscular, sleek physique. They have short, tawny fur that allows them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings, making them difficult to spot. Their powerful hind legs give them an incredible leaping ability, allowing them to jump over 20 feet in a single bound.

Part of the Wild Life Series by Papo.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Papo 50189

by Papo

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Cougar (Papo)
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Papo Puma #50189

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