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Safari Ltd.

Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)

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Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)
Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)
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This Safari Ltd. figure is the only one specifically marketed as a "baby" giraffe figure. As a baby giraffe, it features a shorter neck than other "calf" models.

The Safari Ltd. Giraffe Baby #100422 measures: 3" L x 3.75" T.

Safari Ltd. Giraffe Baby #100422 Review:

The figure is unique as it is the only one specifically marketed as a "baby" giraffe figure.

One of the most notable features of this figure is its shorter neck, which distinguishes it from other giraffe calves on the market. This feature depicts a baby giraffe that has not yet fully grown into its long neck. The spotted pattern of the figure is varied shaped and solid spots.

The legs of the figure are somewhat splayed, giving it the impression of being newly born and still wobbly and learning to walk.

Finally, the cute babyish face of the figure is another nice feature. The endearing expression on its face captures the innocence and vulnerability of a baby giraffe..

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Giraffe Baby Information:

Baby giraffes, also known as calves, are some of the most adorable and fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. They are born after a gestation period of around 15 months, typically weighing around 100-150 pounds and standing at around six feet tall. Despite their size, baby giraffes are still considered vulnerable and rely heavily on their mothers for protection and nourishment.

One of the most distinguishing features of a baby giraffe is its shorter neck. Although they are born with ossicones, the bony protrusions on their head that will eventually develop into the giraffe's iconic horns, their necks are not yet fully grown, giving them a unique appearance. The spotted pattern on their fur is also a distinct characteristic, with solid spots that will eventually develop into the more intricate and varied patterns seen in adult giraffes.

Baby giraffes spend their first few months exploring their environment, playing with other calves, and learning to walk. They are often seen frolicking and engaging in playful behavior, which is a sight to behold. As they grow older, they become less vulnerable and more independent

Part of the Wild Life Series by Safari Ltd.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Safari Ltd. 100422

by Safari Ltd.

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Giraffe Baby (Safari Ltd.)
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Safari Ltd. Wildlife - Giraffe Baby #100422

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3+ Years

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