2023 Toy Manta Ray Reviews

Last updated: 04/04/2023

This 2023 Manta Ray Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Manta Ray toy model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the seven toy Manta Ray figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the best toy Manta Ray toy model that is best for you.


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Manta Ray Toy Overview:

There are currently 5 different Manta Ray toys available. All of them are very good models and would good in your collection. Your choice will depend entirely on your preference for breed, color and shine (flat vs. shiny). Each of these figures has positive attributes. While some may have minor issues, none have major flaws that detract from their rankings. Any of these would be great additions to your collection. We did list in the order that we would select them in, but all are almost equally noteworthy.

Largest Manta Ray: Papo Manta Ray #56006

Papo Manta Ray #56006This the largest of the Manta Ray figures. While the back of the figure is solid black (with no other detailing) the coloring has a very nice sheen. When the two features are combined (size and sheen), this figure immediately draws the eyes. This figure is one of several with an open mouth, but it is the only figure with details inside the mouth. While they are basic details, at least they are present. Bottom has nice large gills. Very nice figure from Papo.


Most Colorful Manta Ray: Safari Ltd. Manta Ray #10096

Safari Ltd. Manta Ray #100096What really sets this figure apart is the coloring on the back. On a black base are multiple areas of white including on the shoulders and on the wing tips. This figure also has the most “bend” to the wings so it really looks like it is in motion. Mouth is open and underside has high-relief gills on the underside - which are nice touches. This is a great looking Manta Ray from Safari Ltd.

Spotted Underside Manta Ray: CollectA Manta Ray #88040

CollectA Manta Ray #88040Like the Papo Manta Ray, this Manta Ray has a very nice looking, all black back. This figure, however is the only Manta Ray figure that has any detailing on the underside. While the underside is mostly white, there are varied grey spots distributed on the bottom. Thus it is the best looking / most dynamic underside. Also has double curve on the cephalic lobes – a nice detail.


Smallest / Shiny Manta Ray Model: Safari Ltd. Manta Ray #277729

Safari Ltd. Manta Ray #277729As this is the smallest Manta Ray figure, it is typically the least expensive and given all the great details, offers the best value. Back is glossy black with nice white spots on the shoulders. Cephalic lobes are well shaped and mouth is open. Good figure and definitely would be a good addition to your collection.


Shiny Manta Ray Model: Mojo Manta Ray #387353

Mojo Manta Ray #387353This figure as a shiny paint job on its back, with slight white shading lines. If you are looking for a shiny Manta Ray that is bigger than the Safari Ltd. #277729, this is the largest, shiny model. Good looking model, no issues identified.


Toy Manta Ray Review Conclusion:

Any of these five figures would meet your needs. Which Manta Ray you want is totally dependent on the look you are chasing. We the Papo figure due to its size and coloring, the Safari Ltd. figure because of the white details on the back, and the CollectA because of the spots on underside. The small Safari Ltd. figure is typically value priced and worth the money.

Toy Manta Ray Reviews 2023 - Best Toy Manta Ray Figure