2023 Toy Octopus Reviews

Last updated: 03/09/2023

This 2023 Octopus Toy Buying Guide intends to help you select the Octopus toy model that is best for you based on features and your budget. We discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the five toy Octopus figures currently available to assist your decision making so that you can purchase the Octopus toy model that is best for you.

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Octopus Toy Overview:

There are currently 6 different Octopus toys available. Five of the figures are rated as good / very good. One is rated as below average and we do not recommend that figure.


New 2023 Toy Octopus: Papo Little Octopus #56060

 Papo - Little Octopus #56060Not pictured above

New from Papo in 2023. Another octopus has been added to the sealife collection. A more brightly colored octopus than previously made by Papo. This small replica of a common little octopus is well-made and with rough textured skin that reflects light well. Emphasizing the wrinkles and bumps gives this cephalopod a life-like appearance. The suction cups are large and look great on this model.

The paint application on this figure is of high quality, calling attention to the golden eyes and shadows of this nice figure. From the bottom, the suckers are quite large and detailed. I will note that the beak of this octopus is not visible, perhaps because of the way it is moving. The overall feel of this octopus is good with some flexibility in the tentacles.


Best Toy Octopus: Safari Ltd. Oversized Octopus #267-229

Safari Ltd. Incredible Creatures Octopus #267229This is part of the Safari Ltd. Incredible Creatures Line. That means it is and oversized model and in fact is the largest of the models available. Large size typically equals more opportunities for details.

This figure has the most texture on the upper side of the figure. It is made of a more flexible, rubbery material so it has a unique texture / feel. While the best part of the figure is the upper side, the lower side is detailed enough to hold its own. This model is generally one of the mid-prized models and thus offers lots of details at a medium price point.

Least Expensive / Best Value Figure: Safari Ltd. Octopus #274-429

Safari Ltd. Octopus #274429This is the smallest of the Octopus models, but still of decent size. Details are adequate (not outstanding), but at this low price point, offers the best value. A representative depiction of an octopus for the money.


Best Details for the Price Octopus Figure: CollectA Octopus #88485

CollectA Octopus #88485

This is neither the most expensive nor the cheapest model, but has the best ratio of price to features. We actually rank the suckers on this figure as the best of any figure. The top texture / paint colors are nice, but are a little consistent – we would like to see more variation. That said, it is a good model for the price.

More Expensive / More Detailed Octopus:Papo Octopus #56013

Papo Octopus #56013This is the tallest standing of the Octopus figures. While the others primarily lay flat, this one is more hunched up and thus has a higher profile.

This figure also has the highest relief and the most color variation between the suckers and the body. This makes the suckers the most visible of any of the figures. They may not be the most accurate suckers, but they are the most visible when you compare the undersides. This is one of the heavier models. The level of details are on par with the details on the Best model, but is it a little more expensive. This overall is a good model and worth serious consideration.

Most Expensive / Model to Avoid: Mojo Octopus #387275

Mojo Octopus #387275This is typically the most expensive Octopus model available and ironically, it is also our least favorite Octopus model. The coloring is primarily orange with a white wash – which actually looks more like the paint is worn off in spots. The suckers on the bottom are very basic and are mostly the same color as the bottom (some white highlighting) but not very outstanding. When combining the high cost with the limited detailing, we do not recommend this model.

Toy Octopus Review Conclusion:

We would recommend avoiding the Mojo Octopus figure. Any of the other four are good toy octopus choices depending on your criteria. There are solid choices at all price points, low, medium and high. Our personal choice as best toy octopus would go to the Safari Ltd. Incredible Creature but it is oversized and likely not to scale with your other figures. If looking for an octopus more to scale, you can let budget be your guide as of the remaining octopus are solid choices.

Toy Octopus Reviews 2023 - Best Toy Octopus Figure