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Top Ten Selling Schleich Wild Animals 2023

Updated 2/10/2023

This Schleich Wildlife 2023 Buying Guide gives you an overview of the most popular Schleich Wild Animal Figures ranked by unit sales so far in 2023. Not surprisingly, the best selling Schleich wild animals in 2023 are the new Schleich figures that were just released in 2023. We hope you find this information helpful in selecting which Schleich Wild Animals Figures you would like to add to your Schleich Wild Safari.

#1 Schleich Wild Animal 2023: Aardvark #14863

Aardvark #14863 The Aardvark is not only the first wild animal alphabetically, it also is the best selling Schleich Wildlife figure in 2023. Schleich debuted an adorable, small-sized Aardvark figure. Its cute face is highlighted with pink accents on its nose and ears, making it an eye-catching piece. Despite its small size, this figure is sure to make a lasting impression. If you're looking for a bigger Aardvark figure, Safari Ltd. has a a larger figure.

#2 Schleich Wild Animal 2023: Caracal Female #14867

Caracal Female #14867 We are delighted with the Schleich 2023 release of the Caracal. Its large ears, cute face, and lifelike pose make it an excellent addition to any collection. We would have liked if it had a more dynamic pose, but it still has a captivating appearance that will draw the eye. We are sure this figure will be a hit!

#3 Schleich Wild Animal 2023: Caracal Cub #14868

 Caracal Cub #14868We are thrilled with the Schleich 2023 Caracal Cub release. Its large ears and cute face make it an adorable addition to any collection. The attention to detail in its design is remarkable and its pose and coloring are lifelike. We are sure it will be a favorite for years to come. Makes a great addition to the Schleich Caracal Female.

#4 Most Popular Schleich Wild Animal Figure 2023: Chameleon #14858

Chameleon #14858This is the fourth most popular Schleich wild animal figure in 2023. A revolutionary new technology has been unleashed by Schleich in the form of a chameleon figure that changes color depending on its temperature! Simply hold the figure in your hand to warm it up and witness its color transformation. This is the first ever figure to feature this temperature-based color-changing capability, and even without it, it's an impressive figure. Its shape is attractive, its face is pleasing, and its reddish color is eye-catching. But the innovative temperature-based color-changing feature makes it an even more remarkable figure.

#5 Schleich Wild Animal Figure 2023: Harpy Eagle #14862

Schleich Harpy Eagle #14862Schleich introduced a brand new Harpy Eagle figure in 2023, featuring bright yellow claws that stand out from the rest of the figure. With limited choices in Harpy Eagle figures, this one is sure to make a great addition to your collection. The rest of the figure is fairly standard, but the vibrant yellow claws are sure to capture any eagle lover's attention.

#6 Schleich Wild Animal Figure 2023: Otter #14865

 Schleich Otter #14865 This figure was actually exactly tied with the #5 figure. New from Schleich in 2023, be prepared that this figure is smaller than expected. Despite its size, the figure has a captivating face with grey tones on the neck and lower face that make it undeniably attractive and cute. This piece is sure to be a great addition to any collection.

#7 Schleich Wild Animal Figure 2023: Indian Rhinoceros Baby #14860

 Schleich Indian Rhinoceros Baby #14860 Schleich has come out with a new, adorable figure in 2023. Its overall design is impressive, with the sagging, baggy skin around the underside of the neck being particularly noticeable. The back of the figure is also well-crafted, featuring plates and grooves that add to its overall charm. This is a very nice figure from Schleich.

#8 Schleich Wild Animal Toy 2023: Cheetah Cub #14866

Schleich Cheetah Cub #14866 In 2023, Schleich unveiled a tiny Cheetah Cube figure that is brimming with cuteness. Its large, dark black eyes are surrounded by black stripes on its face, adding an extra bit of sweetness. Its petite size and endearing features make it a surefire success!

#9 Schleich Wild Animal Figure 2023: Blue Poison Dart Frog #14864

Schleich Blue Poison Dart Frog #14864This Frog from Schleich, released in 2023, has a striking bright blue color, with black spots adorning the back. The underside of the Frog is a brilliant blue, while the back is a slightly lighter shade. The hands feature large toes, and the Frog is ready to hop away and join your Schleich wildlife collection. Nice new figure from Schleich.

#10 Schleich Wild Animal Figure 2023: Thompson Gazelle #14861

Thompson Gazelle #14861 New in 2023, the most noticeable feature is the deep black color over virtually the entire model. The only exceptions are the 4 hooves and the white socks on the two rear legs. The white socks could be more crisply applied. Horse is in a running pose. Overall, this is a good new model from Schleich.

This Wild Life Figure 2023 Buying Guides gives the information you need to best build your Schleich Wild Safari World collection. Also, be sure to look at each individual Schleich Wild Animal page. We have updated the product pictures with ACTUAL product pictures. We provide you with the manufacturer (often retouched) photo, but we also provide you with multiple ACTUAL pictures of the Schleich horses. Happy Hen Toys is already one of the largest Wild Animal Toy stores on the web, but we hope by providing you with the best product information that we will become your "go to" Schleich online store.

Top Ten Schleich Wild Animals - 2023

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