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Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)

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Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)
Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)
Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)
Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)
Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)
Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)
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The figure's flat grey back is visually striking, while its predominantly white underside with small black tips on the fins creates a stunning contrast.

Schleich Hammerhead Shark measures: 6.1" L 2.75" W x 2.3" T.

Schleich Hammerhead Shark Calf #14835 Review:

The figure features a good looking flat grey body with a slight curve to its shape. The front of the hammerhead features a subtle scalloped front that closely resembles the hammerhead's distinct appearance.

The flat grey back is eye-catching, and the figure's underside is predominantly white, with small black tips on the fins, providing a striking contrast to the overall look. The hammerhead's eyes are masterfully crafted and positioned on either side of the head, capturing the intense gaze of this top predator. Additionally, the open mouth of the figure reveals small double rows of teeth on both the upper and lower jaws, highlighting the shark's menacing p>

Hammerhead Shark Information:

Hammerhead sharks are a group of sharks distinguished by their unique and unmistakable head structure, which is flattened and laterally extended into a "hammer" shape known as a cephalofoil. Not only is this cephalofoil visually striking, but it also serves several important functions for the shark. For instance, it allows the shark to have a broader range of vision than most other sharks, which is crucial for locating prey. Moreover, the hammerhead's wide-set eyes on either end of the cephalofoil enable it to scan a more extensive area more quickly than other sharks can.

There are ten species of hammerhead sharks, classified under the genera Sphyrna (nine species) and Eusphyrna (one species). These cartilaginous fish vary in size, with the small scalloped bonnethead measuring only about three feet long, while the great hammerhead, the biggest of the species, can grow up to 20 feet long and weigh over 1,000 pounds.

Hammerhead sharks are apex predators that utilize their unique head shape to enhance their ability to locate prey. They are known to feed on various marine animals, including stingrays, fish, squid, and crustaceans. Some species of hammerhead sharks are also known to be cannibalistic, eating their own kind if necessary.

Part of the Sea Life Series by Schleich.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: Schleich 14835

by Schleich

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Shark - Hammerhead (Schleich)
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Schleich Sea Animals - Hammerhead Shark #14835

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