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Schleich - Bayala - Glittering Flower HouseZoom

Schleich - Bayala - Glittering Flower House

Item# SCH42445
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Schleich - Glittering flower house with unicorns, lake and stable.

The elf houses are all unique and beautiful – but this one is like a dream come true. In the light of the morning sun, the soft colours of nature gleam. A bubbling water slide gushes down from the top floor into a small lake. Horses, elves’ faithful friends, graze in front of the house. And look, unicorns even come here to drink from the clear waters. Anyone who lives here simply has to be happy. Invite your elf friends over here, watch the shy magical creatures with them or prepare a tasty elf meal together. There's plenty of space to feed the horses in their stable. You can tell each other stories, simply dream or head off on new adventures here. Do you fancy it?

With transport basket that can be moved up and down! Swivel-out make-up corner! Figurine can ride, sit, slide and grab! Secure hold thanks to magnets! Accessory can be swapped! Stable with detachable roof, attachable fences with opening and closing gate!

Includes: 1 x house, 1 x unicorn, 1 x unicorn foal, 1 x cloud squirrel,
1 x elf, 1 x stair, 1 x slide, 1 x swiveling transport basket, 6 x paddocks,
1 x stable, 1 x feeding trough, 1 x lake, 1 x chest, 1 x water lily, 1 x table,
2 x chair, 2 x plates, 1 x bed and 1 x assembly manual.

Product Code: sch42445

Schleich 42445

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3 + Years

Schleich - Bayala - Glittering Flower House by Schleich 42445
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