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Schleich Bayala Movie - Surah with Parrot KuackZoom

Schleich Bayala Movie - Surah with Parrot Kuack

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Schleich - Surah with Parrot Kuack

The cheerful and adventurous sun fairy Princess Surah one of the stars of the bayala movie. She and her sister Sera are the royal twins of the bayala fairy kingdom. Surah has shadow-fairy wings, making her the only sun fairy who can also fly at night. She has a strong bond with the animal kingdom and especially with birds like her parrot Kuack. She also has a good relationship with the shadow fairies because her best friend and stepsister Nuray is hersfairy a shadow fairy. Surah is brave and yet more cautious than the other fairies because she was kidnapped as a child by the shadow fairies, but managed to return home almost all by hersfairy.

Surah approximately measures 3.8 H in inches.

Product Code: SCH70584

Schleich 70584

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3 + Years

Schleich - Bayala - Surah with Parrot Kuack by Schleich 70584
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