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Lykos, Nugur and Piuh - Bayala Movie (Schleich)Zoom

Lykos, Nugur and Piuh - Bayala Movie (Schleich)

Item# SCH70710
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The wolf Lykos, the cute raccoon Piuh and the little dragon baby Nugur are the secret stars of the bayala movie. The three have become close friends on their adventurous journey to Nugur's dragon parents. Since then, they have never been separated again and are romping happily through the blossoming nature of bayala. Nugur only wears his eggshell when he plays dress-up, Piuh on the other hand prefers to devote himself to nibbling and devours everything that comes under his paw. Luckily Lykos is taking care of them!

Figures measure approximately in inches:
Lykos: 1 W x 5 L x 2.6 H.
Piuh: 1 W x 1 L x 1 H.
Baby Nugur: 2 W x 1.5 L x 1.5 H.

Product Code: SCH70710

Schleich 70710

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3 + Years

Schleich Bayala - Lykos, Nugur and Piuh #70710

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