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Sulawesi Babirusa (CollectA)Zoom

Sulawesi Babirusa (CollectA)

Item# CA-88727
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The CollectA Babirusa figure does an excellent job of representing the unique tusks of a Babirusa, with all 4 tusks being well-formed and outstanding.

The CollectA Sulawesi Babirusa measures: 4 L x 2 T.

CollectA Sulawesi Babirusa #88727 Review:

One of the standout features of this figure is the beautifully curved tusks. Both sets are outstanding, and they are a great representation of the Sulawesi Babirusa's unique appearance. The tusks are a defining characteristic of the animal, and Collecta has done an excellent job of making them look realistic and well-formed.

The figure also has nice wrinkles on the head and neck, which add to its realistic appearance. The dark grey color of the figure is a good match for the Sulawesi Babirusa's natural coloring. Figure texture is very smooth and glossy.

Retired / no longer carried by CollectA U.S.A. - Limited to stock on hand. Get yours while supplies last!

Sulawesi Babirusa Information:

The Sulawesi Babirusa is a subspecies of the babirusa that is found only on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. It is a fascinating and unique animal that is known for its distinctive appearance and behavior.

Like other babirusas, the Sulawesi Babirusa has long, thin legs and a slender body, with wiry hair that ranges in color from reddish-brown to gray. However, its most distinctive feature is its tusks, which are long and curved and grow through the top of the snout, rather than below it like in other pigs. In the Sulawesi Babirusa, the tusks are particularly long and can grow up to 17 inches in length.

Sulawesi Babirusas are primarily herbivores and feed on a variety of plants, fruits, and nuts. They are also known for their excellent swimming abilities and are often found near rivers and other bodies of water.

Part of the Wild Life Series by CollectA.

Hand Painted. Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: CollectA 88727

by CollectA

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

CollectA Sulawesi Babirusa #88727

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