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Schleich - Pick Up w/ Horse TrailerZoom

Schleich - Pick Up w/ Horse Trailer

Item# SCH42346
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Schleich - Pick Up w/ Horse Trailer.

Today, the Friesian mare Bella is being taken to her new stall. Her groom, Betty, leads her carefully into the spacious horse box. Then she gets into the pick-up, and the journey can begin. Good luck in the new stall, Bella!

Detachable roof!
Trailer big enough to hold two horses!
Room for saddle and bridle!
Room for animal feed and water!

1x truck
1x trailer
1x farmer
1x baler
1x driver
1x horse trailer
1x Friesian mare
1x horse groomer
1x blanket
1x headstall
1x carrot
1x black grooming brush
1x blue harness
1x leisure saddle
1x bridle
2x hay bale
1x carrot

Contents list provided by manufacturer

Part of the Wild Life Accessory Series by Schleich.

Made of synthetic material / plastic.

Product Code: sch42346

Schleich 42346

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ years

Schleich Pick Up w/ Horse Trailer 42346 - Schleich Wild Life Accessories

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