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Schleich - Lakeside Riding CenterZoom

Schleich - Lakeside Riding Center

Item# SCH42567
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Complete Playset contains 115 pieces. Centerpiece is the riding center with horse stalls. Climb the ladder to the loft where the girls can sleep in their sleeping bags - but watch out for the mouse!

When morning comes, the work will begin. Get the horses from the stall, feed them, and get them ready for a hard day of training. Lots of accessories = lots of great play value. Lots of things to keep you entertained.

Schleich Lakeside Riding Center includes:
1x Riding Center
3x horse stall
1x wash station
1x wooden horse
2x cup
2x plate
1x sack of oats
2x riding ha
2x straw bale
2x hay bale
1x silage
1x bucket
2x comb
2x apple
1x Cat
1x Mouse
3x Horse (2 adults and 1 foal)
1x pitchfork
1x broom
2x saddle blanket
2x sleeping bag
2x cushion
1x cowboy hat
2x fully flexible figures
Much more

Everything you need in one set.

Part of the Horse Club Series by Schleich.

Made of synthetic material / plastic.

Product Code: sch42567

Schleich 42567

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 5+ years

Schleich Lakeside Riding Center #42567

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