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Safari Ltd. - PsittacosaurusZoom

Safari Ltd. - Psittacosaurus

Item# SAF-304-229
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Safari Ltd. - Prehistoric Collection - Psittacosaurus

Psittacosaurus, or the parrot lizard, was a small plant eating dinosaur that lived in Mongolia and China during the Early Cretaceous, 100 to 120 million years ago. About the size of a large dog, this peaceful creature used its beak and rough teeth to cut and crush tough plants. Recent discoveries revealed the skin color and pattern of Psittacosaurus and also showed that it had an unusual row of bristles along the top of its tail.

Size in inches: 5.12 L x 1.77 H.

Hand Painted.

Product Code: saf304229

Safari Ltd. 304229

by Safari Ltd.

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Safari Ltd. - Prehistoric Collection - Psittacosaurus by Safari Ltd. 304229

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