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Schleich - Barapasaurus

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Schleich - Barapasaurus.

The Barapasaurus not only had a very long neck, but its thigh bones also measured up to 1.7 yards. This gave the Barapasaurus its knickname "big-legged lizard". Due to its body size and energy requirements, this herbivore had to eat several hundred kilograms of food on a daily basis.

The Barapasaurus therefore used its teeth like a rake to gather leaves from the trees. Because it was not able to chew particularly well with its spoon-shaped teeth, it simply swallowed everything that came between its teeth, whole.

Stands approximately 12 inches long and 4.25 inches tall.

Part of the Dinosaur Series by Schleich.

The art work and detail are beautiful on this hand painted figure.

Approximately 1:20 scale.

Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.

Product Code: sch14574

Schleich 14574

by Schleich

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 3+ Years

Schleich Dinosaurs - Schleich Barapasaurus by Schleich 14574

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