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Breyer - Casey & Tuck - Piper's Pony TalesZoom

Breyer - Casey & Tuck - Piper's Pony Tales

Item# BREYER-008503
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Breyer - Casey & Tuck - Piper's Pony Tales

Casey & Tuck are one of the new Piper's Pony Tales™ playsets being offered by Breyer. This dynamic duo features Casey, who is Piper's neighbor and a bundle of boyish energy who loves horses. In fact, his favorite action hero fantasies all involve horses: medieval knights, pioneer town Sheriffs, and even masked desert Princes! But unlike Piper and Paloma, Casey doesn't actually know much about horses. Luckily, Casey isn't the kind of kid to let a tiny detail like that get in the way of getting into a saddle and having fun! He can be a bit hesitant once in a while but he always has Tuck to push him along!

Tuck is a younger horse and playful like a puppy. His playfulness makes him unafraid to try new things and he will often pull Casey to try new experiences with him. If Casey is scared, Tuck is right there, nudging from behind. After all, it's all a big game to Tuck. When he's back at the barn, the playing never stops, and his favorite toy - apart from his unicorn stuffy - is a ball, of any size.

The set contains 1 posable rider, 1 pony with riding tack, 1 cowboy hat, 1 western outfit, 1 pony grooming brush, and 1 sticker sheet.

Rider and pony stand about 6" high. The package can be used to create a fun play environment. Collect all three Piper's Pony Tales™ playsets!

Hand Painted.

Made of durable synthetic material.

Product Code: BREYER-008503

by Breyer

Manufacturer Age Recommendation: 8+ Years

Breyer - Casey & Tuck - Piper's Pony Tales by Breyer-62059

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